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Content Subscription - the articles of October 2021

We live in weird times. There are still not many trade fairs and it remains difficult to visit customers. This means that the effectiveness of your website and newsletters is more important than ever before.

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Below are the titles and the first paragraph of the four articles we delivered in October.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central continues to grow very fast and crosses the 20.000 customers barrier?

Microsoft recently published interesting data regarding the performance of Dynamics 365 Business Central, her cloud ERP solution for small and medium businesses. There were many reasons for satisfaction since the number of organisations using Business Central doubled compared to a year ago. This means that more than 10,000 new customers from all over the world have been added in only 12 months’ time. This is an impressive result that makes Business Central the fastest growing ERP solution for the midmarket worldwide.

Microsoft is well on its way to making Dynamics 365 BC globally available

Today’s business world is boundless. Organisations all over the world work hard to grow their businesses – both nationally and internationally. This is all facilitated by the power of the internet and the possibilities of e-commerce. But of course, your expansion has consequences for the business software you use. Most companies prefer to use the same ERP solution across all organizational units to avoid information islands, multiple versions of the truth and confused employees and customers. But at the same time they feel the pressure to stay compliant with local rules and legislation. Microsoft is determined to facilitate this great and widely expressed wish. The company aspires to make Dynamics 365 Business Central globally available.

Looking for ERP or CRM project success? Use the MoSCoW methodology!

They are two crucial elements that define unsuccessful ERP or CRM projects. The first common mistake is wanting to change too much at once. Have you seen that before? And the second fallacy is to allow old habits and practices in the new setting. Sounds familiar, right? If you are responsible for the success of the upcoming migration to a new version or a completely new implementation, you might want to use the MoSCoW methodology. This tool supports you to limit the scope of your project phases, while preventing obsolete practices and processes from integrating into the new system.

On the way to your new ERP or CRM solution - do you know your critical path?

One of the worst things that can happen to your organization in an ERP or CRM implementation project is rush. Since we all know what the potential impact of rush is on quality. But there's something even worse: working with a business-critical system that is no longer fully supported by your vendor. So when you are planning to migrate your on-premise software solution to the cloud in the near future, it makes sense to start with good research.

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Guus Krabbenborg


23 November 2021

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