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Great learnings from successful Masterclass at WSB Solutions

I recently delivered an ERP Masterclass for a group of current and future customers of successful Dutch Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner WSB Solutions in their office in Hardinxveld-Giessendam.

This 1-day workshop helps companies prepare for both the successful selection and implementation of a new ERP or CRM solution or a successful upgrade from on-premise to a cloud solution.

WSB Solutions managed to bring together a group of really interested and highly engaged customers - most of them acting at C-level.

We discussed many important topics including:

  • How to adapt our business model to stay competitive in the long-term?
  • What needs to be done to become a truly customer-oriented organisation?
  • What is better for our customers – the standard solution or customized software?
  • What are the costs of our current internal silo’s and how to best demolish them?
  • How to use organizational change to modernise our business processes and the mindsets of our teams?

Together we collected a series of new insights, had some good discussions, did a couple of valuable exercises and luckily also had some fun. 😊

This is what the participants said about their lessons learned from this Masterclass:

  • "ERP is a strategical project that needs full C-level attention”
  • “Our implementation must completely align with our strategy!”
  • “We can outsource tasks, but not the end-responsibility for the outcomes”
  • “Focus less on technology and more on our people and culture”
  • “Without involvement of the team we have already failed at the start”

All attendees now have a lot of work on their plates! But they are also motivated and well prepared for achieving the project goals they pursue. Based on this Masterclass, they will be better and more professional sparring partners for the WSB teams. On top of that, their chances for success will be substantial higher.

WSB Solutions is happy with the event and has already scheduled a new Masterclass edition for March 16th, 2023. Check their landing page for this new edition. I am already looking forward to working with the WSB team again.

So what do you do to help prepare your customers for project success?

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Guus Krabbenborg


08 November 2022

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