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Helping COSMO CONSULT making their customers the winners of digital transformation

A few years ago, successful global Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner COSMO CONSULT changed her Go-to-Market model. In line with Microsoft’s move to an intelligent cloud platform, the company added a new role to her sales organization: the Customer Strategy Manager.

COSMO CONSULT has a crystal clear and attractive plan for this role. The company wants her CSM’s to switch from selling licenses and services towards making their customers the winners of digital transformation. And yes, that is a substantial change! :)

The 3 main goals of this ambitious program

  1. Moving from product selling to a platform approach
  2. Become a sparring partner at the customer’s C-level
  3. Supporting customers in their transformation processes

Over the past months, I have been contributing to the third edition of this comprehensive program as a trainer, coach, sparring partner and inspirator. The 10 participants in this wave represented the COSMO offices in Germany, Sweden, France, Spain and Ecuador.

The main topics of the 8 workshops I delivered

  • What is business transformation for C-level?
  • How to really understand the business issues of your customer?
  • How to define customer success at C-level?
  • How to think and act Outside-In?
  • How you build trust at C-level?
  • How to communicate effectively for impactful C-level conversations?
  • How to grow from a seller to an Industry Networked Consultant?
  • How to create attractive C-level blogs, vlogs and presentations?

The workshops included lots of learnings, good discussions, challenging exercises and many new insights. Fortunately, we had some fun as well! 😊

This is what some of the attendees said about my contribution

  • “Eye opening and inspiring! Thank you very much for your great workshops, Guus”
  • “You have learned me to put myself in the C-level shoes and always think and act from that perspective”
  • “I especially enjoyed the topics around the C-level involvement as well as how to ask them provocative questions”
  • “I love the checklist from your Transformation book that helps my customers estimate their success chances before the start of their projects!”
  • “It has been a great pleasure to be part of this program. I think it will mark a before and after in my career” 

Now that this third edition of the program is completed, I’m looking forward to seeing this new group of CSM pro’s excel in their roles!


Guus Krabbenborg


03 November 2022

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