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Keynote, MD interview and panel discussion at Dynamics Consultants’ customer event

Last week I was speaker at the customer event that successful English Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner Dynamics-Consultants hosted in the famous Ageas Bowl cricket ground in Southampton.

The event was organized in a modern format based on continuous audience engagement. Staying far away from the traditional 'sit down, shut up & listen' approach.

The main message in my keynote presentation was that the secret of success in digital transformation is hidden in the second word. That this transformation is a great opportunity to become a more customer-oriented organization. And that full engagement of the management is crucial to achieve project success.

In the afternoon I interviewed MD Tom Jenkins on how his business is doing, his observations regarding the Microsoft product strategies and the impact that this has on the DC customers.

My third contribution was leading an interactive panel discussion about the practical challenges of organisational change. The audience voted with their phones on provocative statements. And the outcomes were discussed on stage with a panel consisting of two D365 BC customers who have already made the step towards D365 BC. That led to some great conversations!

These are some of the statements we discussed:
  • What are the goals for your Digital Transformation project?
  • What is the internal name of your DT project?
  • How do you bring your organisation into change mode?
  • What obstacles do you have regarding DT?
  • Is your company ready for a successful transformation?
Marketing manager Jesse Lawrence was a happy man:

“Guus has been an integral part of our customer event and his experience has been extremely valuable to our planning process. First he provided an outstanding presentation as our keynote speaker with an entertaining, relevant and informative story. Then he helped us by hosting an interactive panel discussion, which included two customers, our MD and also involved interaction with our guests. Thank you Guus for being such a fantastic part of our event! Your reputation for knowledge and professionalism not only precedes you, but is proven time and again.”

I want to thank Dynamics Consultants for having me and I wish the team all the best with the event follow-up.

Do you want to avoid turning your next customer event into a 'Sit down, Shut Up & Listen' format? Check this page for more information and possibilities.

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Guus Krabbenborg


05 July 2023

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