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Keynote and panel debate at User Day of M&P Business solutions

I will be keynote speaker and panel debate leader at the customer event that successful German Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner M&P Business Solutions will organize on September 21st in the Red Bull football Arena in Leipzig.

The M&P team decided to not opt for the traditional 'sit down, shut up & listen' approach. But to create continuous engagement with their audience instead. Just like many other D365 partners have done recently.

The team created a strong agenda that already attracted many attendees.

The main message in my keynote is that the secret of success in digital transformation is hidden in the second word: transformation. And that full engagement of the complete board and management team is crucial to achieve success. After all, without this support, there's no point even starting a project like this!

While this is not really new for you as D365 partner, there are still many customer executives who believe that the software solution of their choice will automatically modernise their business processes, change the mindset of their teams and also make their organisation more customer-centric. As if it’s magic! 😊

With my presentation I will challenge and provoke these thoughts, provide new insights and present elements that are crucial for achieving success.

In the afternoon I will lead an interactive panel discussion about the practical challenges of end-user resistance and organisational change. Attendees can vote with their phones on provocative statements. And the outcomes are subsequently discussed on stage with a panel consisting of customers and M&P staff.

Check the event landing page for details:

If you are connected to M&P Business Solutions in one way or another, I look forward meeting you in Leipzig!

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Guus Krabbenborg


18 August 2023

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