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Are you selling software or project success?

Are you selling software and services to meet your targets? Or do you focus on making your customers more successful? That question is relevant these days for the entire @Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner channel.

German Dynamics 365 Business Central partner TRASER Software is an outspoken fan of the last approach. The company is focused on and committed to help their customers to be successful in their businesses.

So how does that look in practice? TRASER invited me to deliver an ERP Masterclass to a group of her prospects and customers on September 7th in Hamburg. For the second time after a successful first edition. This workshop is meant for business owners and senior managers.

The ERP Masterclass is NOT a product focused workshop. Instead, this session is filled with business interests and various management aspects focused on achieving project success.

Like any D365 partner, TRASER understands the risks associated with introducing a new system. And observed that many customers are unexperienced in software implementations. That’s why they invest to help their current and future customers prepare properly. With long-term satisfied customers as a result.

Check here for all workshop details.

And see here what to expect.

What do you do to help your customers be successful?

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Guus Krabbenborg


28 August 2023

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