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Creating more project success in German healthcare sector

Last week I’ve visited the Cologne area to deliver another Project Excellence workshop to the successful German Dynamics 365 BC partner M Assist, specialized in the healthcare sector.

Together with their complete team we’ve spend 2 great days to focus on the delivery of project success.

Together we analyzed the biggest changes in the markets in both customer relations and customer expectations. And we discussed how the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform best contributes to the challenges that today’s healthcare industry encounters.

Workshop topics

Some of the topics we’ve covered in our discussions and exercises:
  • Why projects should always start with ‘the why question’
  • How to get human beings into the change mode 
  • Why software customisations can be dangerous
  • Why prospect education is paramount for success
  • And what attitude it needs from both sides to create project success
It was kind of fun to discover and conclude that the strong D365 software solution set contributes much less to the ultimate success than most attendees thought. Since we tend to forget the many other important factors. Or not paying enough attention to it.

Nice insights

Among all the learnings were some pretty nice insights, like:
  • “We must think before we act” 
  • “We must re-focus our methodology on people and outcomes”
  • “It’s crucial to be open for change – both our customers and our team”
  • “We must throw off our old chains”
  • “Better an expensive project than a failed one”

What did M Assist say?

This is what principal consultant Tim Bennemann said after the workshop:

“What two exciting but also exhausting days in the Project Excellence workshop with Guus. Some of our colleagues even had a sleepless night! And we all have a lot to think about. Guus shared innovative and valuable ideas on how to sell and deliver successful projects in the healthcare sector. He further sharpened our understanding of customer centricity and customer success. We especially liked his direct way of putting his finger on what we can do better and differently. The Dutch and Rhineland styles harmonized wonderfully. Thank you Guus for sharing your experience with us!

I want to thank Tim Bennemann and Michael Messner for having me. And I wish the team success in putting all these new insights into practice.

At the end of day 2 we managed to get the whole team jumping in front of the camera. 😊 What are you going to do to get your team moving in 2024?

Check the agenda of this valuable workshop.

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Guus Krabbenborg


21 September 2023

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