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Delivering inspiration at M&P’s user day in the red bull arena

Last week I was guest speaker at the annual ‘User Day’ of successful German D365 BC partner M&P Solutions. The company invited her customers and partners in the beautiful surroundings of the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig - home to the strong football club and Champions League participant RB Leipzig.

The M&P team decided to not opt for the traditional 'Sit down, Shut up & Listen' approach. But instead to create continuous engagement with their audience. Just as more D365 partners have been doing lately.

The team composed a perfect event with a great eye for detail including an attractive and varied agenda that inspired the many attendees.

The main message in my keynote was that the secret of success in digital transformation is hidden in the second word. And that full engagement of the complete management team is crucial to achieve project success. After all, without this support, there's no point even starting projects like this!

In the afternoon I led an interactive panel discussion about the practical challenges of end-user resistance and organisational change. All attendees were panel members by voting with their phones on provocative statements. The outcomes were subsequently discussed on stage with a panel consisting of two customers and one M&P employee.

This is what Business Unit manager Andrea Meseberg said about my contribution:

“Our UserDay was a complete success, as our customers and partners confirmed with their positive feedback. When preparing for the event, Guus gave us great support with his experience and fresh ideas. With his Dutch charm he drew our guests' attention to the essence of digital transformation - the transformation itself - and provoked and sensitized them. At the start of the second half, Guus also moderated our panel discussion. The real-time polling and interaction with the audience thrilled everyone. Our customers will remember this for a long time. We are already planning a second event with Guus. Our joint ERP Masterclass will take place in Leipzig on February 29, 2024 and we are already looking forward to it!”

I want to thank M&P Business Solutions for having me and I wish the team all the best with the event follow-up.

Do you also want to avoid turning your next customer event into a 'Sit down, Shut Up & Listen' format? Check this page for more information and possibilities.

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Guus Krabbenborg


25 September 2023

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